From Dark Ridge

Explanatory text is in italics, the priest’s in black and the response of the supplicant is in bold. The following takes place face to face with the confessor, or if no confessor is available, a priest or bishop. It may be conducted during or after Midnight Mass if deemed appropriate by the presiding official.


I wish to confess my sins.

For we the Grandeur.

We are Sanctified.

How long has it been since your last confession?
The supplicant will answer the question.

And have you paid your penance as given?
The supplicant will answer the question.

And have come to seek to rid yourself of anything that will hinder you in you predations as commanded by God and the Dark Messiah?

The supplicant will answer the question. If necessary, questioning can continue to ensure the supplicant is of right mind and intent before the Confessional is performed. Indeed, if time allows the official can instruct the supplicant on all manners of Sanctified and admonish the supplicant for their lack of knowledge. Once satisfied, the official will then continue.

The Confiteor

Very well. I will hear your confession.

I confess to Almighty God, to the Dark Messiah
to the First Childe, to the Dark Apostles,
and to you, brethren,
that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word and deed:
Therefore I beseech the Dark Messiah, the First Childe, and you, brethren, to aid me in the Divine mission of our Lord, to be a more perfect predator.

Tell me your sins, so that I might aid you.

The supplicant will then confess his sins, and answer any and all questions posed to them by the official. Once the official is satisfied the following will be said.

As the Centurion has spoken, we are all sinners and forsaken from God’s mercy, however, in our Damnation, we find purpose. Though you have sinned, your mission is divine. Do you seek Penance, that you may continue to fulfil God's perfect will?

I do.

The Admonishment and Penance

Then I say unto you, that your penance shall be to...

The official will then assign penance, which can range from hunting for preparation for the next Mass, lashes before the congregation, recitation of passages of the Testament or some other appropriate penance.

Do you accept your Penance, as laid down by one that more perfectly manifests our Damnation?

I do.

Then go, may you walk down the path set before us, and may the Centurion guide your hand, to be the instrument of God’s wrath and judgement on this world, until the coming of the next. For we are the Grandeur.

We are Sanctified.

As Longinus has spoken.