Victoria Charleston

From Dark Ridge

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Victoria Charleston
Crazy like a straw
Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
House: House Vicas
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
City Status: Royal Harpy ••
Player: Priscilla Tan

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Additional Character Information

"Victoria Elizabeth Charleston"
Royal Harpy
Huntsville AL, Requiem PC
Name: Victoria Elizabeth Charleston

Sire: Circe Dior Vicas
Embrace Date: 1920
Apparent Age: 18
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Position: Royal Harpy to the Ventrue Prince, Duke Eliot Chandler Grey of Dark Ridge, NC
Clan Status: 1
Covenant Status: 2
City Status: 2

Noticeable Traits

Victoria stands around 5'5, with long wavy hair that is dyed pink, brown eyes and pale skin and Striking Looks 2. She dresses in lolita fashion and is often seen carrying a doll around her.

Background Story

Victoria Elizabeth Charleston was born in 1902 to a pair of loving parents in Boston, Massachusetts in the well-known New England area. Her father was an eccentric scientist devout to his studies with architecture, steam engines and electrical tools. Her mother was a homemaker and an accomplished seamstress and painter. However, what made the marriage of her parents work, was largely due to their dedication towards their only child. Despite the strict emphasis in her education, her childhood was ridden with excitement. With such creative parents, Victoria was able to combine both her guardians’ specialties and create wondrous toys that are advanced for its time. Doll houses that light up, toy trains that whistle and flash, little dolls that twirl, all contained within the attic that also functions as her playroom.

For the next 50 years after her embrace, Victoria travelled alongside with her Sire to different parts of Europe where she was exposed to all sorts of artistic talent. During this period, Victoria experienced her early kindred years, understanding the face of hunger, the laws and the social dynamic of the vampiric society. Circe had attempted more than once to convince her childe to enter the Invictus, to share glory and uphold tradition as she did. Plans were made where she was Au Paired to her niece. Jeanette Eleanora Hollinshead where unkind verbal exchange escalated into attacks that were terroristic in nature. Whether it was the disagreement with the covenant or towards her broodmate's childe, Victoria ultimately sought out the Carthians, arguing that technology and the people’s political advances in their time are, at this time, more necessary than tradition. Creativity and intrigue are tied to her embrace and she would not be the childe that Circe would have chosen if either were missing. Sometime after WWII, Victoria obtained her first and only ghoul to date, Mr. Darcy and he followed her faithfully with absolute competency and without complaints.

In 1970, Victoria returned to America alone to reconnect with her place of birth. She travelled to as many states as she can manage, spending much of her time in the southeastern parts towards the 80s and 90s. It was in September 2013 did she settle down in Huntsville, AL, where the previous court had mysteriously vanished. There, a war between Lupins and Hunters raged, bringing about the downfall of many kindred in their wake. The Prince, Cardinal Alexandre Hayes made a move to displace all his subjects to Dark ridge, NC, where upon their first night, saw the fall of Oberon Corsetti. The Cardinal was met with Final Death with his attempt at saving those who were left behind in Huntsville and her broodmate, Duke Eliot Grey assumed Praxis of the Princesless Dark Ridge. Victoria Charleston was named Royal Harpy that faithful night.

Summary Timeline



  • Cire Dior Vicas

Brood Mates

  • Alaric Bastian Schultz
  • Damien Matisse Sargue
  • Eliot Chandler Grey

Known Childer

  • None as of yet

Known Grand-childer

  • None as of yet


  • "I cherish my Aunt. She is quick and intelligent with a delightfully devious mind. Her choice of Covenant affiliation may be... unfortunate, but at least the Carthian Movement received someone of worth." - Jeanette Eleanora Hollinshead


  • Joined the Carthian Movement intending to make them into the Invictus, from the inside out.

OOC Information

Player: Priscilla Tan