From Dark Ridge

OOC, true story.

How got into LARP

In early 2002 after an english class at UAH I was standing in the parkinglot of Morton hall. One of my new classmates came up to me and lit up a ciggarette, and started talking to me like we knew each other. I'm a social guy so I went with it. After the ciggarette he says, "I got to run to the ATM, get in the truck." Freshman me doesn't think twice about this, I get in his truck and off we go.

It wasn't till he had just got done withdrawing his cash from the ATM that he turns and says, "... we do... know each other, right?"
"Well no, we met in English class."
"Oh... oh damn dude, I though you were someone I knew from the game. Wait, a complete stranger tells you to get in his truck and you do?"
"What game?"
"The camarilla game- but really, I mean you don't even know me and you got in my truck?"
"You have a camarilla game in town?!"

Spencer became one of my best friends in college, and ended up taking me to the founding meeting of the Big Fire Chapter meeting at Jamos Cafe on Jordan lane. He and I played in the (now called) old world cam game for years, and then he ended up moving away. He just moved back into town and I'm hoping to get him to come play in the troupe game with us.

The coolest thing I've done with a character

My first and longest lived character was a sciency Tremere, the old world magic using clan. I ended up joining an underground global mailing list of Tremere experimenting with technological magic. The tremere forbade this, and I knew my character would get gacked if any other Tremere found out. I had a lot of fun and had invested a lot in this character so it was high risk move. After a bit I put in an incredibly high approval request to take the discipline of Technomancy and was amazed that I received approval. Months go by and an email goes out across the global technomancer list that the leader in Scotland had met final death. My timid character sends out a response that he'd be willing to lead the group in his absence. I'll be damned they went for it. I had an amazing time playing in local game as a small-time, non-threatening character, very much off the radar of the prince and the high up Tremere. Even till the character finally bit it, no one in or out of game had any idea that I was the apex of a global group of the second most despised kindred to the Tremere of the world-wide Camarilla game.