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This is the template for the PCSummary infobox. It should be placed on ever PC's wiki as well as any NPCs which this information is ok for players to have OOC knowledge of.

Please insert the following code.

|name=Template Man                  <------- This is the name of your character
|image=wiki.png                     <------- This is a picture to put by it.  It can be anything you want.  If you don't have a pic, use the default wiki.png 
|caption=Caption Goes Here!         <------- This is a short quote or description, it can be anything 
|clan=Tremere                       <------- Just stick your clan name here 
|house=House Marcel                 <------- This is optional.  If your character has a family lineage put it here. Delete this line if you don't have one.
|covenant=Cool Kids Club            <------- Covenant.  Dual covenant is not supported in the PC summary.  Just stick it somewhere else on your wiki.
|covenantstatus=1                   <------- Put your covenant status here 
|citystatus=1                       <------- Put your city status here 
|clanstatus=1                       <------- Put your clan status here 
|title=Acknowledged                 <------- This is your primary city position.  If you have none i.e. you aren't the Harpy, just put "Acknowledged" or "Respected" etc 
|p=[mailto:justincline.rpg@gmail.com Justin Cline] <-------- This is your player name, as well as your email address.  You can leave out your email if you desire 

When you are done, it should look like this:

Lillian Mary Blackmoore
Character Information
Clan: Tremere •••
House: House Marcel
Covenant: Cool Kids Club ••••
City Status: Acknowledged
Player: Sarah Wade

House Épine
Icon daeva.pngLineageIcon daeva.png

  • (1204) 20px-Icon invictus.pngNicholas Normandeau
    • (1374) 20px-Icon invictus.pngKatherine Lemaitre
      • (1499) Covenant-Lancea-Sanctum.png Theodora Tulley
    • (1472) 20px-Icon invictus.pngRaymond Proveaux