Sefika Sadik

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House Umbra
“Pulvis et umbra sumus” - We are but dust and shadow

Sefika Sadik
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Fear of death follows from fear of life; one who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. Or to kill.
Character Information
Clan: Mekhet
House: Umbra
Covenant: Ordo Dracul •••
City Status: N/A ••
Player: Rowan Artemis

Character Information

Name: Sefika Sadik
Embrace: 1927
Apparent Age: 25
Sire: Jonas Reynolds
Broodmate: Aydin Sadik
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
City Status: Acknowledged
Titles: None
Description: Sefika is slim and petite with brown hair, green eyes, and a bookish air about her. She is quiet, rarely drawing attention to herself, but when called upon to act, she does so decisively and well. Her mind is her great strength, but those who underestimate her in a fight do so at their own peril.


Sefika does not speak often of her background, but certain individuals have been able to piece together the following.

Sefika Sadik was born to Turkish immigrants in New York just after the turn of the 20th century. Her parents had moved to the United States when her older brother, Aydin Sadik, was an infant to escape the collapse of the Turkish economy. They lived in poverty until 1916 when Sefika's father Serhan was drafted and Sefika's uncle moved in to take care of the family.

At 20, Sefika joined the Children of Liberty, an anti-war organization, to protest America's involvement in the Great World War and follow in Aydin's footsteps. Her brilliant mind and dedicated nature helped her rise in the ranks, despite her gender, until she joined a subgroup of the Children of Liberty in 1924. It was there she met her sire, and 3 years later she was embraced.

Sefika trained privately with his sire for secret missions for this subgroup, and in 1931 she started traveling around the US, both to handle missions for this organization and to further her own studies within the Ordo Dracul. She was known to live in Philadelphia, San Franciso, Columbia, Austin, and Pittsburgh at various times, often time with periods back in New York in between. Even when she 'lived' in a city, she often left for weeks, sometimes months, at time on missions for her organization. Despite her intellectual and martial prowess, Sefika's quiet nature meant she was often overlooked in any city she lived in, with the exception Pittsburgh. She was fine with this.

In 2014, Sefika came to the city of Dark Ridge. What people would make of her presence was unknown, especially since her exceedingly competent brother and broodmate preceeded her arrival.


1902 - Born in New York to Serhan and Hande Sadik
1916 - Father drafted and deployed overseas in the Great World War
1917 - Uncle arrived in New York, becomes father figure
1918 - Helped Aydin with his new cause, the Children of Liberty
1920 - Joined the Children of Liberty, Aydin become distant
1924 - Joined the Nefsi
1927 - Embraced by Jonas Reynolds
1931 - Joined the Ordo Dracul
1933 - Moved to Philadephia to study the Coils in a different Academy
1937 - Moved to San Francisco to and became a Deputy
1938 - Stole a tome on demons from a Lancea Sanctum libraryREDACTED
1939 - Visited New York and DC before returning to San Francisco
1947 - Returned to New York
1955 - Moved to Columbia to investigate rumors that the Followers of Set were recruiting in the areaREDACTED
1965 - Quickly returned to New York after killing a confirmed Sethite, a Harpy in ColumbiaREDACTED
1969 - Moved to Austin to investigate unusual spiritual effect, served as a Deputy
1971 - Worked with Aydin to track down and eliminate a group of teenagers learning to use magic, along with their teacherREDACTED
1990 - Moved back to New York and became an official archivist for the NefsiREDACTED
2005 - Moved to Pittsburgh and worked to rebuild the Academy there
2010 - Headed back to New York after becoming Sworn of the MysteriesREDACTED
Oct 2014 - Moved to Dark Ridge and received Acknowledgement from Duke Elliot Chandler Grey
Dec 2014 - Declared Recognized by Harpy Charleston for defense of the city
Jan 2015 - Joined the local Chorus of the Crone in Dark Ridge, with the blessings of Heirophant Parker
Feb 2015 - Named Deputy by Sheriff Sadik


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OOC Information

Player Name: Rowan Artemis