Rite of Crusade

From Dark Ridge

The following rite is carried out by a Bishop or other such high station. If an inquisitorial tribunal has taken place, then the Inquisitor of that tribunal should be present as well. The following declaration will take place approximately 30 mins after sunset, during civil twilight.

The Report

The member bringing the charges to the congregation says the following:

On this night, a terrible truth has been uncovered. After much searching, questing, seeking and divining, a Kindred has been uncovered that has betrayed our purpose.

After being destined by Almighty God and having their purpose shown to them by the Dark Prophet, this beast masquerading as one of us has forsaken the legacy of the First Childe, the Dark Apostles, the 100 martyrs, all the saints, and us, their brothers and sisters.

Therefore, we must act.

(Name) has been charged and found guilty of (crimes). (Name) has been pleaded with to seek repentance and turn back to God, but has rejected the Dark Messiah’s words with bile and hatred. Therefore, we take upon ourselves the most heavy of burdens. The complete and final destruction of God’s chosen.

As Longinus has spoken.

The Declaration

The following is said by the Bishop or higher station calling the crusade.
Let it be known, upon this night, (day) the (date) of (month) of the year of our damnation (year), that Crusade has been called.

That (Name) has been investigated, tried and convicted of (crimes).

As such, (Name) is now declared both (Heretic / Apostate as appropriate) and anathema.

Let (Name) be cast out among us. Let no one grant them safe haven, nor harbour, nor aid.

Let all those of (Parish / Area of Crusade) take upon themselves the most solemn and grave task. His damned soul is forfeit, his time of judgement nigh.

Let the Crusade begin from this very moment, until his physical remains be bought before us.

Solidarity of Purpose

If the Archbishop is present, or the Prince amongst the faithful, then they give the following blessing to the faithful.

As placed in this role by God for the purposes of his perfect will, I hereby grant all those that would heed the call of Crusade amnesty from the temporal laws of this city. Let us as one voice decry those that would taint our damnation and our purpose.

As Longinus has spoken


Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, guide our aim as we serve as your Holy Spear, spilling the blood of the most wicked in your name.


Let us seek the mercy of the Lord for what we are about to do.

My God, I am truly sinful for the taking of a life which you had given Damnation.

I acknowledge and bewail my manifold sins and wickedness and ask not for your forgiveness but only for your understanding, and I pray that what was done was done in accordance with your will.

Have mercy on me in your everlasting judgment.

As Longinus has spoken.

As Longinus has spoken.

The Commission

Go into the night, and seek out (Name) and all those that would harbor them. Banish mercy, doubt and weakness from your hearts. Bring unto the (Heretic / Apostate) the righteous judgement of the Lord. Show no mercy, offer no quarter. For tonight, you are God’s perfect predator.

Tonight, as always, you are the Grandeur.

We are Sanctified.