From Dark Ridge

Explanatory text is in italics, the priest’s in black and the response of the congregation is in bold. The Holy Denial or The Prophet’s Fast, takes place from the first night of the New Year 1st January and continues for 40 nights, until 9th February.
The Fasting takes place in the final week of Denial from the 3rd to the 9th February.

The Commencement

The Holy Denial starts at the Midnight Mass on New Year’s Eve. It is an opportunity to delve deeply into the mysteries unveiled by Longinus. Mass are typically longer, with more readings from the Testament taking place.
Commonly Creation Rites and Annointings are held during the Holy Denial, to take on a special significance.

The Prophet’s Fast

At the Midnight Mass on the night of the 3rd of February, the officiating member then dismisses the congregation for the Fast. Communion during the Mass often takes on a desperate element, as it is the last vitae before the fast.
No rites are held during the Prophet’s Fast, as it expected that each and every faithful member will reflect in their own way the revelations of the Centurion.

Breaking the Fast

On the setting of the Sun on the 10th of February, the Longinus Epularum is called.