Mr. Barrow

From Dark Ridge

“You were born into a society which spelled out with brutal clarity, and in as many ways as possible, that you were a worthless human being.”

James Baldwin


“They never tell ya everything. Never. They lie to ya from the start. Sometimes it's for your own good, but most of the time, well, most of the time it's for theirs. Ya see, there's always this... unwritten rule, always a way to make em angry and get yourself hurt that they didn't tell ya about. It's an invisible line. Cross it, and you're done. Of course, you already knew that, didn't ya. You're one of them. One of the monsters.”

Mr. Barrow

Character Information

Name: Louis Barrow
Ghouled: 1930
Apparent Age: 31
Clan: None
Primary Covenant: None
Secondary Covenant: None
City Status: None

Father – Frank Barrow (Deceased)
Mother - Elisabeth Barrow (Deceased)
Brother – Joseph Barrow (Deceased)
Brother - Phillip Barrow (Deceased)
Brother - Thomas Barrow (Deceased)


What? My backstory? Are you fuckin serious? That's none of your fuckin business. Look, I'm just a driver. Just a wheelman. That's all you need to fuckin know.


1896 - Frank and Elisabeth Barrow emigrated from Abruzzo, Italy
1898 - Birth of Joseph Barrow. Born in Manhattan, New York
1900 - Birth of Phillip Barrow. Born in Manhattan, New York
1901 - Birth of Lois Barrow. Born in Manhattan, New York
1902 - Birth of Thomas Barrow. Born in Manhattan, New York
1910 - Joined Five Points gang
1922 - Started driving for Arnold Rothstein
1925 - Frank Costello is shot while being driven by Louie Barrow
1928 - Arnold Rothstein is driven to Park Central Hotel in Manhattan by Louie Barrow for a business meeting. During the meeting, Arnold Rothstein is shot and fatally wounded
1929 - Moved to New Orleans, Louisiana with Jimmy Amuso to courier illegal goods for Renaldo Keene
1930 - Jimmy Amuso's body is found dumped in an alleyway with numerous other bodies. He had apparently been beaten to death
1982 - Moved to Dark Ridge, North Carolina
1982 - Started working at The Church, a local brothel, for Marie Rosalie Bonheur as her driver and personal assistant.
2004 - Eleanor Perth takes over The Church
2014 - Cardinal Hayes flees to Dark Ridge from Huntsville, Alabama after a war between a group of hunters, local werewolves, and the local kindred broke out, decimating the city. Upon arriving in Dark Ridge, Cardinal Hayes, along with many of the kindred that also fled from Huntsville as well as some of the local kindred, attack and kill Oberon Corrsetti, the prince of Dark Ridge. After Corrsetti's death, Cardinal Hayes takes over as prince of Dark Ridge


I heard that he is still alive. Well, I wouldn't call what he's going through living. I heard they are keeping him down there where the Nosforatu live. I heard they torture him, day and night. They say...they say you can here his screams...up on the streets sometimes, late at night, in a certain part of the city...
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OOC Information

Player Name: Bobby Johnson