Longinus Epularum

From Dark Ridge

Explanatory text is in italics, the priest’s in black and the response of the congregation is in bold.

The Longinus Epularum, or The Feast of Longinus, takes place on the evening of 10th February, after the Prophet’s Fast. The Feast Night is a night of indulgence, of breaking fast and celebrating the predations God has called to us.
No formal gathers take place during the Feast of Longinus, however the faithful are expected to pray at the beginning of the Feast Night the following:

Most wise God, who has given us undiminishing hunger for the blood of man, give us strength and cunning to feed swiftly and feed well, and give us wisdom to feed upon those who most deserve the divine fear. Let our predations be always fitting in your sight.


The expectation upon those that partake in the Longinus Epularum is that they will have their fill of vitae, above and beyond their normal requirements, to pay tribute to the Dark Prophet.