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"It was over the moment I saw her. She was my opposite in every way.
Dutiful daughter. Devout Christian. Innocent and unspoiled.
I took one look at her and I knew. She'd be my masterpiece.”
~ Angel, about Drusilla

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Character Information

Name:Lillian Mary Blackmoore

Sire:Cardinal Alexandre Hayes


Covenant:Lancea Sanctum

Covenant Titles: Mother Confessor

Coteries/Societies: Sin Eaters

Lillian Mary Blackmoore
Character Information
Clan: Daeva •••
House: House Épine
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum ••••
City Status: Acknowledged
Player: Sarah Wade

House Épine
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    • (1374) 20px-Icon invictus.pngKatherine Lemaitre
      • (1499) Covenant-Lancea-Sanctum.png Theodora Tulley
    • (1472) 20px-Icon invictus.pngRaymond Proveaux

Backstory and Personality

Pre Embrace:
Lillian was a Catholic school teacher in London. She had a passion for knowledge and felt it was her mission in life to ensure the salvation of the souls of the young. She moved to New Orleans 1860 under orders from her mother superior to teach at a Catholic School for orphaned girls. She devoted a large amount of her time to the girls in her school and spent a good many hours tutoring them. She wanted to be the head mistress and mother superior for her school so that she would have final say over what forms of punishment were allowed within its walls. Some of the other sisters were cruel in their dealings with the girls, which meant that Lillian quickly became a favorite teacher because of the compassion she showed them. It also meant that Lillian was not looked upon very kindly by the sisters.

Her ideals didn't quite run in line with the strict environment of the mother superior and she was removed from her teaching position and placed as the confessional sister. It was her job to hear the sins of the young so that perhaps it would help her to see the need for the strict discipline that was handed down to the girls on a daily basis. She spent the majority of 5 years in the confessionals hearing every twisted and tormented plea for salvation from the girls she believed to be innocent, corrupted by the wars and villainy of the world around them.

It was in the summer of 1865 that she met a strange man named Alexandre Hayes. He was a soldier in the army and had many sins to confess. Guilt and sin weighed heavily on him and she immediately began trying to save his damned soul. She was unaware at the time just how damned his soul really was. Alexandre saw Lillian's potential and in seeking redemption for his sins, Alexandre Hayes gave her what he felt would be the embodiment of her deepest desires, to be the vessel of salvation for so many. He embraced Lillian into the World of Darkness to be his personal salvation, and to be the eater of his sins.
Alexandre had a member of an order called “The Order of Sin-Eaters” there at her embrace to teach her the art of feeding on a person’s sins instead of their blood…to cleanse them of their wrongdoing and save their souls. Lillian saw this Sin-Eating as a way to save herself from the damnation she had been served with upon embrace and devoured every word the man told her.

Post Embrace:

The Embrace does strange things to people. They are never the same as they were in mortal life, but for Lillian, it was as if it broke her. She refused to feed at first, saying he had damned her to hell and she would starve before she would kill. Eventually the beast took over and she had no choice. It was all Alexandre could do to keep her in check. She would starve herself into a hunger frenzy and then feed on the blood of animals in gluttonous amounts. It was a pattern that held in place for a number of years. Lillian’s blood grew potent rather quickly due to the constant frenzies and gluttonous feedings and when she was forced to feed on humans due to the potency of her blood, she railed even harder against the feeding.

It was in the summer of 1898 that she met a young woman named Josephina. Josephina had dark auburn curls the framed her porcelain complexion perfectly and her Jade Green Eyes seemed to call to Lillian. She was enamored with the girl and it made her question herself. She watched Josephina for weeks. Lillian would watch her through her window as she slept, and watch her nightly activities with an interest that she hadn’t had since her embrace. She was a serving wench at a local brothel, so her nightly activities were quite plentiful and often times questionable. On night, as Josephina was walking home from her stint at the brothel, and Lillian was following her some poor sot tried to pull her into an alley way and rape her. Something snapped in Lillian and she became exceptionally lucid. She descended upon the man in a virulent attack and killed him where he stood. She then moved to Josephina, who was dying from a knife wound where the man had stabbed her when she resisted his advances. She acted as if on instinct and fed the woman her blood, willing her to live. It took some cleaning up, but she covered the murder of the man in the alley way in such a way that made it appear as though he had been mugged and robbed and then picked the girl up and brought her home to Alexandre. It wasn’t until she had told him what she had done that he explained that she had just made a ‘ghoul’ of the woman. That she wouldn’t age, and wouldn’t die, but would remain mortal. She had a new toy, and she loved it.

She used Josephina as a lure for the vermin of the street to feed, after all, What was the harm in feeding on men, if they deserved it? She would never feed on anyone if they hadn’t done anything that Lillian deemed “sin-worthy”. But God help you if you had sinned, for you may not make it out alive. Lillian killed a number of mortals in her first few nights of feeding on human blood. Alexandre and John Strange helped her cover her tracks and soon she was a huntress unrivaled.

In #### in assistance to her sire, and his colleagues she helped to found the Parish of Huntsville for the Lancea Sanctum and was given the title of Mother Confessor for her proficiency at evoking confessions from people. Her Sin-eating abilities were kept rather quiet to avoid a rash of kindred seeking her services. She offers her services as an eater of sins on a case by case basis to people and kindred that she evokes confession from who she feels are deserving of it. Usually, she requires a major boon for the service.

She met a man in the early 1900’s who called himself Micheal. He never gave her a last name, or any other name and when she met him he introduced himself by saying "Hmm...Lillian is it? Well, You may call me...Micheal. Let's just leave it at that." Micheal was a Daeva, who called himself a Toreador. He was a gardener of Mandragora plants and crafter of bloodwines and lacrima. Lillian became fascinated with him. She spent a good many nights in his company tasting his wines and learning the art of crafting bloodwine. Micheal never told her that her intense desire for another glass of wine was due to the Lacrima's inherent addictive properties. After around 30 years with her, Micheal decided it was time for him to leave. He asked Lillian to go with him, but she refused owing to her desire to remain and help her sire with his parish. As a parting gift upon his leave of the city he gave her a Mandragora blood rose to start her off on her own bloodwine crafting ventures.

She perfected the art of blood wine crafting and with the help of her sire, she procured a small Victorian cottage on the outside of town where she became a vintner of the wine. Her most popular blend was what she called “The 7 Deadliest”. Each of the 7 wines in this blend was named after one of the 7 deadly sins and was purported to be mixed with the blood of someone who had committed the sin on the label enough times to be “Incapable of salvation”.

She kept up her Blood Wine business, and became fascinated with the art of ‘ghouling’. Over the years, it is said that she had over 20 ghouls, but none ever held her fascination as firmly as Josephina, who remains at her side to this day. None of the other ghouls have ever made it out alive save Hattie, who was gifted to her sire as a gift for his position of Prince in the city.

Lillian remains in her cottage on the outside of town dreaming of a day when she can travel the world and see what other courts are like.


  • 1845 - Mortal birth: Summer of 1845 in London, England
  • 1860 - Travels to the United States to
  • 1865 - Embraced during the Autumn Equinox, September 21, 1865 in New Orleans, LA by Alexandre Hayes
  • 1867 - Traveled to Miami, FL with her sire,Alexandre Hayes
  • 1868 - While in Miami, Met the Nosferatu preacher, Jonathan Strange
  • 1874 - Moved to Huntsville, AL with Alexandre Hayes and Jonathan Strange
  • 1875 - Aided in the founding of the Huntsville Parish
  • 1895 - Released to Kindred Society after 30 years unreleased
  • 1896 - Joined the Lancea Sanctum as an official member
  • 1898 - Met Josephina
  • 1903 - Met Micheal and learned the art of crafting blood wines
  • 1930 - Opened a Mandragora farm and became a vintner of lacrima bloodwine
  • 2014 - Forced to flee her home in Huntsville, AL by a war between the Forsaken and Hunters, Relocates to Dark Ridge, NC.


  • "Lillian makes the best Lacrima blood wine in the Western Hemisphere"
  • Lillian keeps ghouls like children keep porcelain dolls. You never know how many she may have at one time and when she's done with them, they mysteriously disappear.


"She is divinely inspired. She is talent, and beauty and life flows through her veins like so many tiny rivers. I am the ocean that those rivers empty into. I am the darkness that smothers her light for she burns too brightly and quite frankly, it hurts my eyes." - Lillian, Speaking of her ghoul; Josephina.

"She is the Lord's most perfect mix of Angel and Predator." - Alexandre Hayes.


OOC Information

Player Name: Sarah Wade


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