Lazarus Kelly

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Deacon Lazarus Kelly, Ventrue, Lancea Sanctum

This article pertains to a Character in the Dark Ridge Vampire: the Requiem troupe LARP. All information contained herein should be considered OOC unless you have a reason for knowing it IC.

Mortal Life

Born: 1904

Embraced: 1939

Mother: Connie Kelly

Father: Jonas Kelly

Sister: Ruth Kelly

Sister: Ruby Kelly

Sister: Sharon Kelly

Lazarus was born into a devout Pentecostal family in Southern Mississippi. His mortal father was an abusive drunk. So when Prohibition came about Lazarus was in favor of getting rid of what he called the "devil's drink." During his mortal life and as a kid he was in charge of his father's snakes.

Additional Character Information

Sire: Charles Smith

Sibling in Embrace: Connie Kelly

Sibling in Embrace: Ruth Kelly

Sibling in Embrace: Ruby Kelly

Sibling in Embrace: Sharon Kelly

Year of Release: 1969

Character Description: Lazarus is 5' 9" with short cropped hair. He wears a slate grey dress shirt and khaki pants. He is never seen without his Testament of Longinus that his Sire gave him.