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Baroness Jeanette Eleanora Hollinshead, Judex and Au Pair

  • Valued Member of the Invictus
  • Acknowledged Member of Clan Ventrue
  • Recognized Seneschal of Dark Ridge
  • Embrace date: Late 1860s
  • Apparent age: Late 20s
  • Items of note:
    • Dresses in the Classic version of Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion
    • Always has a rose symbol somewhere on her person, in honor of her liege lord

Quotes and Rumors

  • Quotes
    • In all my requiem, I have never found a more perfect example of a Ventrue Invictus; Polite, dangerous, powerful. - Aydin Sadik
    • I love her Eliot. I just can't stand how she thinks I need to be fixed and chases me as stubbornly as I resist her. Make her stop! - Victoria Elizabeth Charleston, when conversing privately with her broodmate
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  • Rumors
    • Prefers the company of those addicted to Lacrima because it makes them easier to control.
    • Smiles the widest when she's actually insulting you or plotting your downfall.
    • Hasn't changed her style since her embrace.
    • Her bitterness for her aunt caused the Cold War.
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A History

  • Jeanette Eleanora Hollinshead was born to English Aristocracy in the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign. She was raised with a strong sense of public responsibility and a passion for teaching the young, first her siblings and then her sibling's children. Jeanette came down with consumption in her mid twenties and was sent to convalesce when she met her Sire, Unconquered Lord Eliot Chandler Grey. When her health took a turn for the worse and she lay on the brink of death, Eliot Embraced her.
  • Jeanette, now Madame Hollinshead, excelled at the intricacies of social propriety and maneuvering within the First Estate. Within two decades, other Unconquered were sending their young to her for training and confirmation that they were ready for Manumission. In time, she humbly accepted the Title of Au Pair. When she Embraced her first childe, Alexander Rubicon Smyth, she handled his instruction as a Kindred and his training within the First Estate entirely on her own.
  • Madame Hollinshead often visited her uncles, Prince Alaric Bastian Schultz of Munich and Seneschal Damien Matise Sargue of Brussels. Each of them quickly realized that she shared her Sire's level head and knack for diplomacy, causing them to look to her for resolutions of disputes within the First Estate. After enough of her protégés had proven themselves within the Invictus and enough of her judgements had proven to be wise, sound, and fair, Jeanette was granted the Titles of Lady and Judex.
  • Lady Hollinshead was requested by her Grandsire, Circe, to train Circe's newest Childe in the ways of the First Estate. This coincided with the Embrace of Lady Hollinshead's second Childe, Esther Hope Valentina, and Lady Hollinshead agreed to train them both. It was not the first time she had trained more than one Childe at a time, nor would it be the last. She even agreed to move from England to the States, so Circe's Childe, Victoria Elizabeth Charleston, would be more comfortable. In the end, all of her effort was for naught - Victoria remained needlessly stubborn and joined the Carthian Movement just to spite Lady Hollinshead. Victoria's intensely headstrong personality spilled over into Esther, who eschewed the First Estate in favor of the Ordo Dracul.
  • Lady Hollinshead decided to remain in the States for several decades, traveling on an extended holiday and making the acquaintance of Unconquered throughout the Eastern US. She found herself in Huntsville, a rather small and unassuming city, and there she met the Right Honorable Wilfred Albert Pennington III, Unconquered Succubus. He reminded her quite strongly of her own Sire, and he was willing to lend his considerable resources within the First Estate to Lady Hollinshead's advancement in exchange for her vassalage. With his help and guidance, Jeanette was given the title of Baroness.
  • Baroness Hollinshead was getting homesick for England after her prolonged time in the States, so she decided to return there with her liege lord's agreement and her youngest Childe, Angeline Marie Sophette, in tow. Baroness Hollinshead trained Angeline, who proved to be as gifted with the politicking inherent in the First Estate as her Sire. Angeline's instruction and manumission progressed with flying colors, then Angeline decided she needed to stretch her wings away from her Sire's direct observation and influence. Baroness Hollinshead sent Madame Sophette away with her blessing and set about supporting her Sire, the Sheriff of London.
  • After a number of years, Baroness Hollinshead stopped hearing from her liege lord. She contacted her Aunt Victoria, the only contact she was certain she still had in the States, and was informed that his entire estate in Huntsville had burned down and he was presumed dead. Victoria begrudgingly worked with Baroness Hollinshead to arrange for her travel to Dark Ridge, the city where all of Huntsville's Court had moved when Huntsville fell. Victoria herself had been named Royal Harpy of Dark Ridge. Baroness Hollinshead started everything in motion for the transfer of her entire household to the States.
  • Baroness Hollinshead's Sire soon followed her to Dark Ridge. In the wake of the sudden death of Alexandre Hayes, the Sanctified Succubus who freed Dark Ridge from the tyrannical rule of Oberon Corsetti, Eliot siezed Praxis of Dark Ridge, becoming Duke Eliot Chandler Grey and naming Baroness Hollinshead as his Seneschal.

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