Gran Ballo

From Dark Ridge

Held on the night of the 1st of November, the Day of the Dead, the Gran Ballo or the Grand Ball, is an opportunity for brethren to celebrate their damnation, the certainty of their purpose and their destiny as divined by the Dark Messiah

The Arrival March

Commencing at 23:00, the attendees and their retinues (ghouls and other retainers) enter the Gran Ballo. It is at the completion of the Arrival March that the hosting Bishop or official may make some comments, before giving the Nightly Prayer.

Thank you my God for your holy Damnation and thank you for showing me my place in your ineffable plan. May my prayers and predations be always acceptable in your sight and may my actions this night drive Kindred and man alike to a more perfect understanding of your will.


Mystery Plays and Music

Until midnight, the faithful may present short theatrical pieces, 20-30 minutes long, depicting some truth or lesson to impart upon those witnessing. Music and dancing are also provided during this time.

The Feast

At the final stroke of midnight, the kine are unveiled to the attendees. The officiating member will then give the Blessing of the Vitae.

O God above who so righteously Damned me, bless this holy Vitae which I claim to fulfill my anointed purpose.


Attendees will then commence their feeding, in order of the Clergy, then the faithful, then the invited. At the completion of the feeding, further entertainment may be provided.

The Sending Out

At the completion of the Gran Ballo, the officiating member may make the following statement.

As the First Childe called upon the Dark Apostles in a spirit of unity and purpose, so too does the Centurion call us all. Go into the world and bring God’s wrath and judgement upon the kine. Stand with your brothers and sisters, until the judgement day calls us all.