Creation Rite

From Dark Ridge

Explanatory text is in italics, the priest’s in black and the response of the congregation (if present) is in bold. The following rite will usually take place after the Conclusion of Midnight Mass.

The Choice

We are the Grandeur.
We are Sanctified.

We are gathered here as commanded by the Testament, in Torments chapters 30 through 32. Just as the Dark Messiah brought The First Childe unto Damnation, we of the Church of Lance and Spear do tonight.

The official will then ask the subject the following questions, to which either the subject or their Sire / Sponsor may answer.

Please state your name


(Name), what it is you asking for?

To be wholly and perfectly, forsaken and Damned.

Have you been told of the Centurion, of the Crucified Christ and of the Blood?

I have.

Have you been told of the Angel and the purpose God has for our kind?

I have.

Has the nature of the Beast been revealed to you?

It has, as Longinus has spoken.

Then, as the Dark Prophet himself once did, I ask you, do you choose death as a saved mortal, or do you accept the Dark Gift, and accept your Damnation, becoming God's chosen predator?

I choose Damnation.

The Purification

Then Damned you shall be. As the First Childe himself declared, your intent must be tested. Does anyone wish to speak on your behalf?

At this point, the Potential Sire or Sponsor will respond:
I do.

Very well. (Name), step forward.

The subject will step forward, as will the Sire / Sponsor.

The official then removes a brand from a brazier of hot coals.

As the fire burns your flesh, so shall your imperfections be burned away.

As Longinus has spoken.

If the ritae is for a potential childe, the brand is passed in front of the face of the supplicant, and a short blessing is said. The brand is then brought to the sire, who is branded on the sternum, just below the collar-bones. If the ritae is for a convert, then the supplicant is branded.

Your flesh is burned, but your sins are purged. Though you are now Sanctified, your holy task has just begun. Go forth into the world, and bring the wrath of God. Praise him in your predations.

As Longinus has spoken.

For now, you too are the Grandeur.

We are Sanctified.