Court and City Positions

From Dark Ridge


The Undisputed Ruler of a domain of Vampires.


Prince or Primogen's Bodyguard. The Hound does as he or she is told in carrying out orders without question. Whereas the Sheriff's job is to investigate and bring before the Prince any wrong doers, the Hound's job is to punish those who have done wrong in the eyes of their employers.


The Sheriff enforces the laws of the Prince over a given domain. This includes but is not limited to investigating, interrogating, and concluding the laws which have been broken and deciding whether or not to bring the criminal before the Prince. The Sheriff carries out all sentencing handed down by the Prince. Sheriffs can differ from city to city; some are intelligent, others lack the ability to discover. Most feel they are doing what is best for Kindred society, while some just want the power over others.


The Seneschal is considered the Prince's right hand by looking after the day-to-day operations of the domain, keeping track of the Prince's interests, schedule and appointments. In some cities the Seneschal is the most trusted confidante of the Prince.


A Herald speaks on behalf of the Prince. Considered as the "mouthpiece" for a Prince, the Herald must ensure that all vampires hear the decrees of their liege. When the Herald speaks, their words are considered to be equivalent to the Prince speaking (because it is assumed what they are saying is a direct edict from the prince); while this might cause problems, most Heralds do not double cross the Prince. This position is usually absent in smaller cities.


A Primogen is an adviser to the Prince. Primogen sit on the advisory council and help direct the Prince as much as allowed with regards to policy, decrees, and concerns within the domain. This position and the council therefore differ from domain to domain. Some will hold casual meetings while others will follow a strict Robert's Rules of Order procedure for speaking. Some can be rather small, while others are much larger.

A Primogen is mainly an elder in good standing within the community. They may represent their individual Clan or Covenant to the Prince.

A Primogen does not have a voice in the election of a Prisci Harpy, whether they also hold a Priscus seat or not.

Master of Elysium

The Master of Elysium is in charge of keeping the Elysium maintained and ensuring safety for the Elysium. The Master of Elysium will work closely with a Sheriff or a Hound to maintain the violent aspects of others. In smaller populations the job of the Master of Elysium may be Seneschal or Herald, while in larger cities there might be multiple Elysiums with multiple Masters.


The Harpies set the fashion for the domain, as well as showing who is acceptable and who is not. A Harpy is watched by many Kindred for the pulse of the Kindred community. Harpies, as well as the Prince, also control the raising and lowering of Status.

Royal Harpy

The Royal Harpy is appointed by the Prince and has a say in who gains recognition in the city, and who loses it. The Royal Harpy also keeps a registration of all boons owed within a city so that if a dispute about the validity of a boon owed is ever encountered, the Harpy's records are the end of the dispute.

Prisci Harpy

The Prisci Harpy is appointed by the Prisci Council. She has the same responsibilities as the Royal Harpy (except for the registration of boons). The prince has no say over who the Prisci Harpy is, giving the Prisci council a chance to enact changes in Status through a chosen Harpy.


The Whip for a given Clan is chosen by the Prisci Council. She is responsible for "inspiring" her clanmates to present a united face on major issues and to make their voices heard on local issues, to make sure that the other clans take them seriously.