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All information presented in this wiki is considered to be OOC knowledge only, unless your PC has reason to know it ICly.

Parent Clan: Ventrue
Concept: Eclectic Lords
House Patriarch: Circe Dior Vicas
Bloodlines Represented: None yet known
Covenant Affiliation: Primarily Invictus, with some known exceptions
House Colors: Royal Purple, deep Red, and Gold

The Lineage

About House Vicas

  • Very little ties together House Vicas except for strong bonds of familial affections.
  • Members of the House often squabble amongst themselves behind closed doors, but always present a united front to outsiders.
  • Woe to anyone who tries to attack an individual member of the House, for the rest will bring unholy fury down on their head.
  • Although family members can always go to one another for aide, each member is expected to succeed on their own merits.
  • Members of the House not in the Invictus are frowned upon, but still loved.

Joining House Vicas

  • PC Houses in troupe games may be rare, but we, as players, love making RP opportunities. A House is a great way to do that.
  • If a name is the Lineage is in bold, that is already an existing PC.
  • If a name is not in bold, other players are welcome to portray that character! Contact an existing House member for details.
  • If you already have an idea for a Ventrue PC and would like to be in the House, we can always make room for you. Always.
  • Non-Ventrue PCs are welcome to become allies of House Vicas.

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