Aydin Sadik

From Dark Ridge

House Umbra
“Pulvis et umbra sumus” - We are but dust and shadow

Aydin Sadik
Does the reaper dream of darkness, darker than black?
Character Information
Clan: Mekhet ••
House: Umbra
Covenant: Circle of the Crone •••
City Status: Mekhet Priscus, Sheriff, Primogen •••
Player: Justin Cline

Character Information

Name: Aydin Sadik
Embrace: 1923
Apparent Age: 21
Sire: Jonas Reynolds
Broodmate: Sefika Sadik
Clan: Mekhet ••
Covenant: Circle of the Crone •••
City Status: Valued •••
Priscus of Clan Mekhet
Description: Aydin is small but very fit. He always has shaggy hair and sports a goatee. He is rarely seen not wearing all black and well armed. His politeness belies his ruthless and dangerous nature. He believes that the ends always justifies the means, and this sometimes makes others think he's a bad guy... which sometimes may be the case.


Not much is known about Aydin Sadik's background, but what follows is what people have been able to piece together.

Aydin Sadik was born in Turkey at the turn of the 20th century. The country was in economic collapse, so his family moved to New York when he was still very young. They lived in poverty until 1916 when Aydin's father Serhan was drafted and Aydin's uncle moved in to take care of the family.

At 18, Aydin joined the Children of Liberty, an anti-war organization, to protest America's involvement in the Great World War. Aydin was a very focused and driven individual and rose through the ranks quickly, until in 1920 he joined a subgroup of the Children of Liberty. It was there he met his sire, and 3 years later he was embraced.

He trained privately with his sire for secret missions for this subgroup, and in 1928 he started his travels around the US working for this organization. Not much is know other than what cities he lived in and the dates. No matter what city he went to, he either made a reputation for being a master specialist in occult lore, a master specialist in all things martial, or in some cases both.

In 2005 he moved to Nashville and became the Hound to Prince Julius Lemar. He became feared as an invisible stalker and was rumored to also have served as the Prince's private assassin. Whether that was true or not, the fact remains that breaches of the Traditions fell sharply during his stint as Hound.

In 2009, Senechal Emmand Granger went missing and due to Aydin's proclivities and reputation, many assumed that he killed Emmand. No proof existed, however Aydin left the city a year later and returned to New York. Most assume he was tired of the accusations, others, they believe that he did in fact kill Emmand.

In 2014, Aydin moved one more time to the town of Dark Ridge. Like the rest of this travels, no one really knows exactly why he arrived in town, but those that know of his history assume that someone, or something, is probably going to die... and soon.


1900 - Born in Turkey to Serhan and Hande Sadik
1901 - Immigrated to New York
1916 - Father drafted and deployed overseas in the Great World War
1917 - Uncle arrived in New York, becomes father figure
1918 - Joined Children of Liberty on 18th birthday
1920 - Joined the Nefsi
1923 - Embraced by Jonas Reynolds
1928 - Traveled to Chicago to assassinate Chicago PD police chief REDACTED
1933 - Moved to Washington DC and joined the Circle of the Crone.
1950 - Moved to New Orleans
1951 - Staked Lucius Markel REDACTED a Livian heretic and thief of lore
1954 - Moved to Atlanta
1956 - Assassinated Congressman James Howard REDACTED
1965 - Moved to Columbia
1970 - Participated in the bombing of 5 Dynatec office buildings REDACTED
1971 - Tracked down and eliminated cabal of gutter mages in Austin, Tx.
1972 - Moved to Pittsburg
1973-2003 - Mapped out leylines in city
2003 - Involved in Ley Line war between the Acolytes and the Dragons
2005 - Assassinated William Tulley of the Ordo Dracul REDACTED
2005 - Moved to Nashville and met Samantha Jacobs
2006 - Became Hound of Nashville
2009 - Assassinated the Seneschal, Emmand Granger REDACTED
2010 - Moved back to New York
June 2014 - Moved to Dark Ridge
June 2014 - Acknowledged within Dark Ridge by Prince Eliot Grey.
June 2014 - Named Priscus of clan Mekhet
June 2014 - Appointed as Hound by Prince Eliot Grey REDACTED
July 2014 - Tracked down and eliminated the False Prince Alyson Furrows along with her entire court.
July 2014 - Recognized within Dark Ridge.
July 2014 - Killed Victoria Redding. REDACTED
August 2014 - Felled a Werewolf in a single hit while defending the Heirophant of the Circle of the Crone.
August 2014 - Named Deputy to Sheriff Jack.
August 2014 - Valued within Dark Ridge.
September 2014 - Publicly named to the position of Hound by Price Eliot Grey.
October 2014 - Publicly named to the position of Sheriff.
October 2014 - Became a founding member of The Ophidian Order. REDACTED
November 2014 - Seen as Valued within the Circle of the Crone.
December 2014 - Appointed as first Primogen of Prince Eliot Grey.


  • Aydin is in a House that's determined to take over the world - including all of Kindred society - only to rule it from the deepest shadows.
  • Aydin secretly Diablerized every other member of his House and used blood magic to hide the veins in his aura, only to fall into immediate torpor and lose all benefits thereof. REDACTED

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  • Aydin Sadik is a competent, efficient individual that can be relied upon to complete whatever task he agrees to undertake in a timely fashion with excellent results. That is, quite possibly, one of the highest praises I am capable of giving anyone. - Baroness Jeanette Eleanora Hollinshead, Ventrue Invictus
  • I do not have words to describe the feelings that I have for my kardeşim. He has looked after me since my earliest memory, in both life and, when needed, in death. He is a fierce warrior with a good mind and, more importantly, a dedicated heart. I work to meet the expectations of our Sire and fulfill the purpose of our House, but the one that I really want to make proud, is Aydin. - Sefika Sadik, Mekhet Ordo Dracul
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OOC Information

Player Name: Justin Cline