Alexandre Hayes

From Dark Ridge

“We have become only a little lower than the angels, glorifying God as we bring fear and suffering to the living. Though our work is sinful, our mission is divine.”
~ 2 Sanguinaria 4:8-9

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Alexandre Hayes
Though my work is sinful, my work is divine.
Character Information
Clan: Daeva
House: House Épine
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum ••••
City Status: Prince ••
Player: Justin Cline

Character Information

Name: Alexandre Hayes
Embrace: 1759
Apparent Age: 24
Clan: Daeva
Family: House Épine
Primary Covenant: Lancea Sanctum ••••
Secondary Covenant: Invictus
City Status: Recognized Prince
Titles and Functions:
Cardinal of the South East
Former Prince of Dark Ridge
The Dauntless Knight (Retired Title)
Speaker of the First Estate
Vindicator of the Lance
Last Prince of Huntsville

Sire – Marcel Fortier
Brother - Jace Noble
Childe – Lillian Blackmore


Alexandre Hayes was born July 12th, 1735 in New York. His parents were French-Canadians making a living in British territory. He grew up in what would be considered middle-class at the time. His father was a retired privateer, and as such taught Alexandre swordsmanship, leadership and proper ediquite, and in 1751, Alexandre put those skills to use and joined the French Army.

Alexadre rose quickly through the ranks, to the position of officer. In July of 1759 he was mortally wounded by a British mortar shell. Fortunately for Alexandre, his detachment had been followed by a Kindred by the name of Marcel Fortier who had taken notice of Alexandre’s natural leadership abilities. Marcel chose to embrace Alexandre that day.

Marcel had been looking for a protégé to join him in the Knights of the Thorned Wreathe, and Alexandre fit his strict criteria. So Marcel and Alexandre moved far south to Monroe, Louisiana to work with the Invictus in the city.

Alexandre fought as a Knight of the Thorned Wreath for a few decades after that until he disappeared one night in 1799. He didn’t show back up until the spring of 1865, with his new childe, Lillian Blackmore. He became an instructor and trained several Knights over the next two years. However, for reasons unknown to the First Estate, he left the city and traveled east to Miami.

Not much is known of what Alexandre did in Miami the next several years, but in 1874 he moved north to Hutsville, Alabama, now claiming to be among the Sanctified of Longinus. There in Huntsville he, Deacon Jonathan Strange, and his childe Lillian Blackmore founded the local chapter of the Lancea Sanctum and started the Huntsville Parish.

Since that time he has traveled all over the southern US aiding other Lancae Sanctum parishes with their struggles in the region.

In February of 2014, Alexandre claimed Praxis of Huntsville. He knew that the job of Prince may be an impossible one as the city is often referred to as cursed by other Kindred. The office of Prince is more like a revolving door rather than a chair. Little did Alexandre know that he would be known is just two months time as the Last Prince of Huntsville.

Seemingly like a coronation gift, Hunters showed up in town and started causing trouble. They started hunting Kindred and Forsaken alike, and in doing so, provoked a 3-way war between the groups. In just two months the city devolved into chaos. Havens were burned, there were mass murders in the streets and even the federal government stepped in and invoked martial law. It was time for the Huntsville court to close its doors. So on April 10th, 2014, Alexandre ordered an evacuation of all Kindred from the city. He would lead them to a town in North Carolina by the name of Dark Ridge. Here he hoped that the Kindred he swore to protect would find safe haven. However, no place is perfect it seems...


1735 - July, Born in New York
1751 - January, Joined the French Army
1759 - July, Embraced by sire Marcel Fortier
1760 - March, Arrived in Monroe, Louisiana
1770 - September, Inducted as a knight into the Order of the Thorned Wreathe
1782 - November, Defeated pack of Werewolves in Northern Mississippi
1799 - April, Involved in the battle between the First Estate and the Acolytes. Negotiated Peace with Perseus Ophiuchus
1800 - February, Entered Torpor
1865 - August, Awoke from Torpor
1865 - September, Embraced Lillian Blackmore
1865 - October, Became head instructor to Knights of the Thorned Wreathe in New Orleans
1867 - November, traveled east with Lillian Blackmore to Miami, Florida
1868 - February, Met Deacon Jonathan Strange in Miami
1871 - May, Joined the Lancea Sanctum
1874 - December, traveled north with Deacon Jonathan Strange and Lillian Blackmore to Huntsville
1875 - March, Founded Huntsville Lancea Sanctum chapter and founded the Huntsville Parish. Given title of Bishop by the Sanctified
1932 - February, Met Marie Duquesne in Mobile Alabama. Worked together to rid town of Hunters
1981 - June, Met Victoria Charleston in Miami, Florida.
2001 - May, Elevated to the title of Cardinal by the Sanctified.
2014 - February, Claimed praxis in Huntsville, Alabama
2014 - April, Moved to Dark Ridge, North Carolina
2014 - April, Claimed Praxis of Dark Ridge, North Carolina
2014 - June, Met his final death searching for Father Jonathan Strange in Huntsville


(Please feel free to add rumors!)
* I heard he only does it missionary.
* Alexandre has mandated that Saturday night is Laundry night.


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"He is a man of great presence and a formidable temper should you be unfortunate enough to evoke it's wrath. Trust me. I am his childe, I know this better than his enemies." ~Lillian Blackmoore
"Alexandre Hayes is an impressive Kindred and an asset to the First Estate, even if he his primary allegiance has shifted elsewhere. It will be interesting to witness first hand where he leads his Praxis, but one thing is certain - Dark Ridge will be a formidable city under his reign." ~Countess Hollinshead

OOC Information

Player Name: Justin Cline